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Whether you’re interested in harvesting game, fishing, trail riding, or simply spending time in the outdoors, Wildlife Unlimited is here with turnkey land and wildlife management services to help you maximize your time in the outdoors.

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Customized consultation, planning and services

Our approach to wildlife and land management begins with a consultation, where we assess your property, talk with you about your goals for the land, and put together a plan. Then we work with you to implement and maintain your property as needed, including:

  • Planting and maintaining wildlife-specific food plots for game — including Mossy Oak BioLogic and other seed options depending on the season — and restoring native grasses
  • Installation, customization and maintenance of deer and duck blinds, and tree stands
  • Coyote, feral hog and other invasive species removal to reduce destruction to native game and vegetation
  • Duck impoundments, wild turkey, dove, quail, and other game bird habitat improvement
  • Cellular trail camera set up and access for monitoring wildlife and property security without disturbing or discouraging game activity on your land
  • Establish and maintain feeders, gravity feeders and mineral sites year-round for overall healthier game
  • Bushhogging and trail maintenance to keep your land accessible and enjoyable
  • Road clearing and development to make it easier to get equipment and supplies on and off your property
  • Water drainage and culvert installation to ensure usability and minimize impact on wildlife
  • Fencing, gates, and custom sign posting with durable, UV-coated signage material to make property boundaries and notices clear and obvious

Owning land away from it all, there’s nothing like it.  Time spent on that land gives you a different outlook, a real appreciation for what nature has to offer.  But the land is also quick to reveal the work needed to provide the outdoor experience you want.

With decades of experience in wildlife management, we work with you to understand your goals for your property and develop a customized plan to bring it to life. From maintaining the natural beauty around your vacation home, to a complete wildlife management plan with food plots, feeders, stands, trail cameras, fencing, signage and more, we take care of every detail so you can relax and enjoy the moment.

We have developed strong relationships with area landowners over the years through our Wildlife Unlimited land management services. Many of these properties have been developed into prized sporting destinations. Some are available on a short-term lease basis for private outings, providing access to exclusive land with premium hunting opportunities. Contact us for more details.

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